Procedure provides a way to rejuvenate the penis by using blood-derived growth factors to generate a healthier and more functional tissues in the areas of sexual response.



Procedure provides a very specific way of using growth factors to stimulate multi-potent stem cells to generate healthier and more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response and urinary continence within the vagina (G-Spot, O-Spot, Skene’s Glands, urethra, and vaginal wall).

Nebulized PRP Stem Cell treatment


PRP is also a treatment option for lung inflammation and injury, due to the utilization of nebulized PRP through a nebulizer face mask. By allowing the patient to breathe aerosolized particles of nebulized PRP, the new delivery method increases the number of platelets into the lungs’ endothelial cells, which reduces inflammation and stimulates the healing process.



Research within adult stem cells have shown that within one or two treatments the patient has recovered function of the new of an entirely rejuvenated organ. The science behind this has demonstrated that the stem cells, direct themselves to the diseased organ and by signal communication they either replace the dead cells or improve the ones that are damaged and then transfer new genetical information that reprograms the old cells into creating new tissues and a new biochemistry of the former cell. These stem cells are introduced to the body via a vein, nebulization, or a local injection that goes directly in the joint. Our patients will be sure to see improvement just within a few months.



Immunological-sexual- SEX & ENDOCRINE SYSTEM- As we age, our bodies start losing abilities, energy and volume. This gives us an older appearance. With these factors, our memory begins to worsen and this is because we either are not producing a normal hormone output, inflammation, and/or organ failure. Because stem cells are multi-potential and can recreate any cell in any tissue, we can use them as a anti-aging purpose. Conceptually, the stem cell will replace the aging body and organ with the new rejuvenated sex apparatus. With new organs, we will have an increase in quality and quanity of the needed hormones so our bodies will be more energetic, fit and our brains will have sharper focus and memory.



Dental disease and injuries have been treated even from the inception of the 26th century with plated reach plasma. In Europe, dentist were recreating gingival, bone loss and dental loosening with the PRP, exhibiting great success. With the new combination of adding PRP and stem cells, we can outperform the previous treatment in terms of times and outcome so people can recover their bone and dental structure. In this case, patients will also be in less need of using dental prosthetic dentures.



Stem cells have been used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, interstitial lung disease and even fibrosis. The responses in COPD have been been vast. With just one treatment, a patient respond up to 80%. This treatment can be done intravenously and or by inhalation of the stem cells with a positive pressure device. This way, we are putting stem cells directly in the sight of the lung unit injury.



We have seen that in vascular injuries, especially in the lower extremities, that people have compromised irrigation to the limbs after injection of stem cells locally near the vein of the artery. In just a few months, they have recovered and regenerated those ill blood vessels to the point where the ulcers and injuries disappear and their distill processes become completely normal.

heart failure/vascular


The use of stem cells in cardiovascular diseases has been well documented- (the bioheart studies and treatments (miocath) link.) In the case of a congestive heart failure and or a myocardial infarction, after the injection of local stem cells the recovery has been between 60-80%.



This accumulation of diseases can deadly but the stems cells come to rescue. We have proven through the bone marrow stem cells that the lymphomona leukemia can be further than being an ancological cure. For more than four years, this kind of procedure has been used with chemotherapy and the addition of stem cells. Since the adipose stem cells are stronger and in more number, we are able to also treat different types of cancer through these insertion of these stem cells.

Sports Medicine


Since stem cells are able to replace the cells of injured tissues, the use of them for sport related injuries are colossal. Injuries such as sprains, fractures, minor /miniscule cartilage reputes can be treated by injecting stems in the injured area allowing people to recover in no time. Before there used to be surgeries that were preformed and sometimes, the injury that resonated from the surgery was worse that it was originally, but with stem cells, we have simplified the treatment with a better outcome, almost with a complete resolution to the problem.This term is otherwise known as lipo-sculpture. This method is done with local anesthesia to take unwanted fat from different areas of your body and give you a more appealing look. The fat that we retain from the liposuction can either be disposed of or can be used to correct other areas of your body Just as an artist sculpts molds, we sculpt the body to reshape and gain the desired look our patients ask for.



A whopping 60 million americans suffer from some form of arthritis. This arthritis is characterized for the destruction of the bulsa, cartelidge and the liquid between them. With the use of the stem cell injection, that liquid can be recreated in order to fix the missing structures.

Blindness- poor vision


Adult stem cells are multi-potent and can be converted into retina cells which repair the retina wherein the ability is given for people to start seeing more clearly. Through this procedure, stem cells are injected directly into the eye in order to improve vision.

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