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Medically Supervised Obesity Solutions

With over one-third of Americans classified as obese, many are turning to quick weight loss schemes like crash diets for immediate results that don’t last and often lead them to gain more weight than before. Soni Medical Centers takes a different approach, offering medically-supervised weight loss programs that take a multi-step approach to address underlying medical issues and dietary changes to create a lasting lifestyle change.

Lifestyle change options offered are:

  • Weight loss programs: We start by getting to the underlying issues, followed by making important dietary changes. We use NutriMed, a very low-calorie diet option, accompanied by physician and nutritionist education and counseling to promote lasting dietary changes.
  • Sleep apnea: We diagnose and treat sleep apnea, characterized by snoring or waking up gasping for air, feeling unrested after sleep, tossing and turning at night, and aches and pains after sleep.
  • Sleep insomnia: Take advantage of our sleep study to help you improve and optimize your current sleeping situation to wake up feeling more rested and energized.

The Three Components of Obesity

Obesity is not a single problem. it is a TRINITY problem where all three parts are connected tightly to each others. it has a root (parents) who give birth to OBESITY and then once you are over- weight give rise to its branches ( kids ).

Roots Body Branches

To treat obesity we have to cut the root where it’s coming from and at the same time we have to treat its branches (side effects) to see the results!

Dr. Soni uses knowledge of his 8 medical specialties for just one goal, to make you slim!

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Why Dr. Soni?

  • Multi Speciality & Multi-Modalities in Achieving Optimum Sexual Fitness
  • Changing Lives of Lovers
  • A Wide Range of Non-Invasive Cosmetic Options - Face, Hair, Breast & Butt Lift
  • Multi-Modality Approach Weightloss Programs Featuring 99% Success Rate
  • Treatment for Hormone Imbalances & Sleep Disorders
  • Comprehensive Anti-Aging Treatments
  • Advanced IV Vitamin & Mineral Therapy
  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Most Insurance Plans Accepted

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