P-Shot Treatments

The P-Shot is a natural way for men to get relief from Erectile Dysfunction


treating ED with the P-Shot

P-Shot Treatments at Soni Stem Cell

ED, also known as Erectile Dysfunction, is the most commonly reported and treated sexual disorder among men. There have been a number of treatments over the years but most focus on fighting the symptoms of ED without doing much of anything for the underlying cause. This means results are temporary and last only as long as the medications last and they often come with sometimes dangerous side effects. Now thanks to the new advances of stem cell therapy, treating ED with the P-Shot is changing the lives of many. Contact the experts here at Soni Stem Cell in Brooklyn to learn more about the P-Shot treatment basics!


Who Benefits?

The P-Shot is a natural, surgery-free way for men to get relief from symptoms such as:

  • Inability to become aroused enough or stay aroused enough to have sex
  • Incomplete erection during sex or the loss of arousal during sexual intercourse
  • Lost sensation in the penile area that makes stimulation an arousal difficult
  • Small penis whether in length or girth that makes sex more difficult
  • Young and old men who want to perform better and enjoy sex more

When it comes to treating ED with the P-Shot, Soni Stem Cell has helped many of our patients and best of all, all men can benefit from the regenerative benefit of this treatment. We can help you understand the P-Shot treatment basics and see how this treatment can help you whether you need a boost to your arousal or endurance or whether you need some help improving your size and overall performance. The P-Shot can help!

Effects of the P-Shot

Most of the patients see the effects of the P-Shot within hours of the first treatment. Multiple treatments can be given every few weeks and once full potential is achieved the results can last for a year or more. Benefits for men receiving a P Shot include:

  • Increased blood flow to the penis thus improving arousal and performance
  • Improved sexual performance, arousal, endurance, and stimulation
  • Increase levels of testosterone, oxygen, and blood to increase length and size
  • Increased sensation during intercourse and higher levels of pleasure
  • Enhanced appearance to the entire penile area
  • Up to an inch increase in length and girth of the penis

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