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It’s no secret that as we age our sexual health begins to deteriorate, but the fact is that it doesn’t have to. Lack of blood flow is one of the most common issues experienced by both men and women due to the collapse and breakdown of blood vessels. At Soni Medical Centers, we provide several options for both men and women to reclaim their sexual health and renew their experiences.

Choose the right solution for you:

  • 4D+ sexual fitness treatment: A four-pronged approach to rejuvenate your genitalia, starting with low intensity soundwave therapy to improve circulation, followed by stem cell therapy using stem cells from your own body fat to to grow new arteries to improve and boost circulation. We then treat hormone imbalances by bio-identicle hormones ( BHRT) to uplift your libido, finishing with same-day fat transfer or liposuction to increase youthful appearance by volumizing genitalia giving you a youthful look to enjoy optimal sexual performance. There are no side effects from low intensity soundwave therapy.
  • P-shot: PRP derived From your own blood – A treatment specifically for erectile dysfunction (ED), the most common male sexual disorder, the P-shot is a natural and non-surgical regenerative way to enhance performance, libido, erection time, and arousal.
  • O-shot: PRP derived from your own blood -A natural procedure to treat female orgasm disorder, the most common female sexual complaint that often leaves women unable to achieve orgasm.

Changing Lives of Lovers

While the topic is somewhat taboo, sexual disorders affect millions of Americans. Some studies show that as many as 80% of women have faked an orgasm with their partner, while medication commercials promising to eradicate ED symptoms run on nearly every channel. Sexual health problems are becoming more understood every day as medicine progresses, and we are on the cutting edge with advanced stem cell therapies to help you and your partner feel the spark once again.

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  • Multi Speciality & Multi-Modalities in Achieving Optimum Sexual Fitness
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